Changes go on

As I said, this blog is in process of moving from hosting in, to another host, but developed on WordPress. In the next days, you will see some changes, driping changes, but you will notice them. The problem is that maybe you discovered some turbulences: links broken, lost tags and similar things.

The most important change that you will notice is that the post will no longer be one in english and its translation to spanish: now in the side bar you can select the language on which you wish to read the blog. This migration will be slow and there are chances of failure, but I think that the end product will be easier to read and let you find quick the themes that interest you.

Also you can see that we had buttons to share the posts on Twitter and Facebook, and added some options and ease of use to the Share button at the end of each post. I am very interested on your opinions on the redesign. I wait for your comments!

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  1. Gwen:

    Thanks… One of my next ideas is to had Guest Bloggers… Do you accept to write a post if invited?



  2. Hi Gonzalo, the blog is looking great, even with the dripping changes LOL I really like your theme and I see you have some podcasts too! Lots of new features coming to you blog that I’m excited to see and hear!


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