Unlike any other

You won a very difficult race... on day one!

Well, this is the last post I do on “Radical Careering”. I know that or you already grab your free copy of the book, or nothing I can do or say will convince you. And it’s okay. I’m very gladd that Sally Hogshead let me share it with my readers, and I like to everyone to take advantage of this option. But I understand that I can’t force you to do it. Because, in part, you were born unlike any other.

Yes, as a human being you had a special value. You are different and special. And as Dolly Parton said, “Figure out who you are and then do it on purpose”. And this part is the difficult one. Could you follow your heart and make your decisions always the best for you and your familiy and friends, or not? And will you do it on purpose, or only will try to do the polite solution? It’s difficult, I know; but it’s the best form of living: being true to yourself, no matter what, and make decisions on purpose and not by default. But, of course, you had the last word. I wish was “YES!”.

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