Ended but not finished

On July 1st. I ended the “#Blog30 Challenge”. It let me with the habit of writting at least 150 words every day for my blog. It will not be easy, but even if the challenge had ended, I’m not finished on blogging. Maybe it will be shorter, maybe it will not announced in Twitter every time… But at least you can keep reading fresh content every day in this blog.

What I tried to do is to share opinions of things of interest. Books, TV shows, news and media; but also to do a very personal blog. Not included conflictual terms or topics, complicated analysis or up-close personal items. This last because I know that this material will be public, and only some friends are close enough to know all details of my life; but also I think that the words I wrote here are very personal but also I can subscribe it in public. So, feel free to comment or to link to this blog, and please let me know your opinions. Thanks!

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