July 4th, US Independence Day!!

Today, July 4th, our friends in US are celebrating Independence Day. They commemorates the fact that the Continental Congress proposes Independence from Britain by singing the Declaration of Independence.

I recently found in Neatorama 10 facts about the Declarations that will trill you. Of course, I recommend to read the complete post -in english- but I want to stop for a moment in the trilling fact of an “heroical error”. When Tomas Jefferson was writing the draft of the declaration of independence, he changed his mind and make a correction to the document. Historians had accepted that there was one word amended in the original document. “Citizens” had been written on the top of other word. And the quest for the “lost word” had been in the agenda for some time.

According to recent discoveries, the lost word was “subjects”. As seen on the spectral image technology, the original text was “our fellow subjects” instead of “our fellow citizens”. Maybe a subconscisious mind error, but one of heroical proportions.

The post with all the history is available here.

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