Blog in other language

My fellow #Blog30 Challenger Jane Lee invited me as her guest blogger in recent days. We decided that my topic must be “blogging in another language”, because she invited me to do “Economy without pain” an audiopodcast in english, and also comment in my bilingual blog. She asked me to use it as a case study for intercultural and interlanguage communities that can bring together.

I gladly accept her invitation, so you can see the post “When you blog in another language” in Coach Jane Lee’s blog. But in order to convince you to read the post, let me summarize: There are three great villains when blogging in another language: false cognates, word games and innocent word turning in bad ones. You must had attention to them, and in the whole post you will get some ideas to override them, also some examples.

Please, visit Coach Jane Lee’s blog and comment on my post. And soon she will be a guest blog here too!

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