Election Day 2010

Someone had asked me why I don’t want to comment on the election results of last sunday, July 4th. Of course I did, but not in this site. As I said, I want that “Dichos y Bichos. Bugs and Saids. A log of the travel of life” was a place distant from my professional activities and the everyday problems.

The argument I can’t resolve, is why there are opinions on Colombia’s election, and not about mexican ones. My said, I accept it is weak, is that I didn’t focus on Colombia’s election, but in a persons’ biography, Antanas Mockus, who tried a different approach to do things. He failed in his goal now, but I more than speak of politics wanted to talk about applied social networking.

So, in order to solve the dilemma, my column about the elections and his lessons can be read inwww.enlaeconomia.com newsportal (sorry pals, spanish only), and I will comment here… but since another perspective, not necessarly political. It’s all right with you? Let me know by making a comment here!

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