Thanks for the answer…

One of the things I like the most of writting a Blog, is the new friends you can make, and the growth of relations with previous friends. Ideas flow free, the comments and suggestions didn’t stop, and asking for a favor in general makes you to re-discovered old friends.

Last friday I was looking how to making a couple of changes to the site. Working to let it fine for the formal inauguration next week. A place for you to enjoy and that I enjoy writing. Then I saw in Twitter that  @tinosoft recomended and alternative to do from a blog like this a better experience for people reading from cell phones. And even if his suggestion wasn’t intedeed to me, I go for it. (It’s called WordPress Mobile Edition, and had no cost).

I ended the changes, and asked for volunteers to verify it on Twitter… And my old friends -even if I didn’t see her in person for more than 5 years- @politex and @YadiraSanabrais make me the favor of do a detailed revision of the mobile version. The great advantage is that it’s very little work to adapt it, and according to my test and her reports, it works well in BlackBerry and Android. I need revision on iPhone… The address is the same,, but when detects you come from mobile devices changes it configuration. To review it, the best is to view it simultaneously  from a computer AND from cell phone.  Someone else can see it and make a comment on the results?  Thanks in advance!

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