Vote counting day 2010

Ok, let’s see… Mexican electoral system is so suspicious, that we divided the electoral process in two whole days -but not as a primary election-. The first, citizens go and vote in ballots, and the selected citizens as electoral board receptors, take the votes, count it, fill acts and report it to the PREP system (Programa de Resultados Electorales Preliminares / Electoral Preliminary Results Program). Then, they packed the votes, the urns and the acts,and go to their control “Junta” and delivered there the electoral packages. Obviously, this procedure is elaborated in front of representation of every one of the political parties, and even a representation of every candidate. This ended the election day, generally the fist sunday of July.

The second day of the procedure is the next wednesday: in it, the Junta (integrated by general citizens and electoral authorities) and general representations of parties and candidates (up to 2 of every one are allowed) take the acts from the electoral package, verify it with every parties copies of the document -get in the election day- and if everyone agrees, the results are stated in the official record. If not, (maybe because an involuntary error was detected, by example, the unused electoral tickets are not reported; or a mistake on accounting votes, by example, a zero added to make 9 votes, 90) then every package was opened and recounted as many times as necessary to get everyone acepted. It’s a long process, and a very laborious one. And is today. But when an election of 4 million people is defined by 11,000 votes, small errors of 2 or 3 votes can make the difference. And the process is… today.

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